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Updated Wed Jun 11 17:54:14 CEST 2014

Monday AUD3


Chair: Joan Boyar

  1. Martin Böhm, Jiří Sgall, Pavel Veselý. Online Colored Bin Packing
  2. Martin Böhm, Jiří Sgall, Rob van Stee, Pavel Veselý. Better Algorithms for Online Bin Stretching
  3. Zizhuo Wang, Shipra Agrawal, Yinyu Ye. Near-Optimal Algorithms for Online Linear Programming


Chair: Lene Favrholdt

  1. Dennis Komm, Hans-Joachim Boeckenhauer, Richard Kralovic, Peter Rossmanith. A Survey on Advice and Randomization of the Knapsack Problem
  2. Joan Boyar, Shahin Kamali, Kim S. Larsen, Alejandro López-Ortiz. Online Bin Packing with Advice
  3. Kfir Barhum. Tight Bounds for the Advice Complexity of the Online Minimum Steiner Tree Problem


Chair: Jiri Sgall

  1. MohammadTaghi HajiAghayi, Vahid Liaghat, Debmalya Panigrahi. Online Node-weighted Steiner Connectivity Problems
  2. Lene M. Favrholdt, Jesper W. Mikkelsen. Online Max-Edge-Coloring of Paths and Trees
  3. Christian Kudahl. Deciding the On-line Chromatic Number of a Graph with Pre-Coloring is PSPACE-Complete


Chair: Dennis Komm

  1. Morten Tiedemann. Competitive Analysis for Multi-Objective Algorithms
  2. Christine Markarian, Sebastian Abshoff, Peter Kling, Friedhelm Meyer Auf der Heide. The Price of Leasing Online

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