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Last updated on 2014-06-12Conference > Program > YR-ICALP


Updated Thu Jun 12 11:09:54 CEST 2014


Chair: Troels Sørensen

9.00–10.30 AUD4

  1. Lakhdar Akroun. Simulation Preorder for Data-Centric Web Services
  2. Amir Abboud. Hardness for Easy Problems
  3. Elli Zavou. Asymptotic Competitive Analysis of Task Scheduling Algorithms on a Fault-Prone

11.00–12.30 AUD4

  1. Ruben Becker. Towards Efficient Combinatorial Algorithms for the Min-Cost Flow Problem
  2. Michał Różański, Solving Ad Hoc Communication Problems Through Network Coloring: A Short Overview
  3. Andreas Wierz. Primal-Dual Algorithms for Precedence Constrained Covering Problems

13.30–15.00 Atrium

Poster session

15.30–17.00 AUD4

  1. Denis Kuperberg and Michał Skrzypczak. On Determinization of Good-For-Games Automata
  2. Vitaly Perevoshchikov. Adding Operations to Weighted MSO-Logic
  3. Matthias Feldotto. Analyzing Complex Infinitely Repeated Games with Methods from Evolutionary Game Theory

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